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Be Free From Damp Walls And Leakages from Roof Top

Monsoon is a season which most of us truly look forward to. However, for many homeowners, monsoon spells dread, for it brings with it the fear of damp walls and leaky ceilings. This is an issue which can affect apartments as well as independent homes. If you face leakage issue on a regular basis then it may be time to take a closer look and arrive at the underlying cause before looking for a seepage solution. Dampness can be due to rains getting through the roof and into the wall or moisture being absorbed from the floor up or due to condensation on cold surfaces. Check for Cracks Do a thorough check of the entire place with your eyes peeled for signs of cracks or blockage that might be causing dampness. If an internal wall shows signs of being damp, check the spot from outside and you might spot the root cause.

28-11-2016,05:24 PM