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CashNoCash – Built By The People, For The People

Change doesn’t happen overnight. And neither does a revolution. But there is one thing common about both. They are easier than we think. With the wave of change that has swept the nation in the past few days, much has been written & spoken about how the masses are struggling. The abrupt shortage in liquidity has led to a nationwide halt in simple everyday tasks like purchasing lentils from your local grocer’s or buying medicine for that unexpected sniffle. And that’s exactly why we decided to build a capability that’ll ease your troubles. An online service that will allow you to access real-time availability of cash – at ATMs, banks, post offices and other similar locations around you. Supported by NASSCOM & powered by Quikr, CashNoCash is our brainchild, created with the sole purpose of helping you find working ATMs near your location.

29-11-2016,04:00 AM